Digital Marketing Consultant in India- Digital Marketing Expert

I call myself as best digital marketing consultant in India. I provide digital marketing consulting services to all kind of businesses-

Importance of Digital Marketing Consultant

In today’s time, every brand should have an online identity. It not only helps in building brand but also generate new business in low cost. Every business cannot advertise on radio, tv and newspaper due to high cost of these advertising medium.  In that situation, digital marketing can do the miracle for small business. In current scenario , many small businesses and startup growing by opting digital marketing services. We provide the complete package of digital marketing consulting services.

1-Website Building

To have website is very crucial for any business. Your online identity start with having the website. So we build website from scratch for any kind of business. We will build website on best platform with user friendly features, good speed and engaging design.

2- Content Writing

We will also write content for your website on your demand. We adhere with all the guidelines of content writing.  We provide unique, fresh and seo friendly content for your website.

3- SEO

We follow Whitehat Seo practices to provide you long term results. We believes in doing best seo practices that can improve the search ranking of your website.

4- SMO

Social Media is very important tool of branding as well as helps lead generation. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are best social media tools. Our digital marketing services also includes social media promotion.

5- Google Adwords/ PPC

We ensure Maximum ROI on your PPC advertisement. We can bring the best results in minimum budget. Our digital marketing services also includes most profitable keyword research for your business. We will run google ad on best keywords so that you can achieve maximum ROI.

6- Email Marketing

There is always a debate on that is email marketing still works. So here is the answer for your. Email marketing works if done on right time, right way and by using right tool. It is still an effective medium to generate leads for B2b and B2C Business.

7- Google Analytics 

As a digital marketing consultant, i also provide you the facility to study the consumer behavior on your website. Google analytics is one of the best tool to find out the user interaction on your website. An online marketing expert can analyze the various things by using google analytics such as funnel visualization, search terms, page visits, geo data, traffic sources and many more things.

Our Digital Marketing Consultancy Services are also Perfect for Small Business and Start Ups

We care for your budget constraint. We provide you best digital marketing services in limited Budget as well. Lack of advertising budget is common problem of startups and small business. They always seek for a medium that can grow their business in their budget. So we are here to help you.

Want to Hire Digital Marketing Expert in India-  Ask These Things

Are you going to hire digital marketing consultant in India? There are many digital marketing experts in India. In today’s time, digital marketing has became very important for every business. Many business owners are still not aware about the details of online marketing. For that reason, i have decided to guide to find the best online marketing consultant for your business. So must find out the answers of these questions if you going to hire digital marketing consultant-


First it is very necessary to ask about the experience into the same field. It would be definitely give you the good advice if he have enough experience into the same field. Some worked as freelancer digital marketing consultant while some worked as full-time. That doesn’t matter a lot.

Projects Done

It is very important to work on different types of projects to gain the status of an digital marketing expert.


Ultimately, the aim of every online marketing effort is to attain good results. So every online marketing expert need to opt the result driving approach.


There are various online marketing mediums such as social media, google adwords, seo, email marketing. Every medium has own importance in terms of business generation. So must ask for the expertise in handling particular medium of a digital marketing consultant.