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Do you want to hire PPC consultant in India to take care of your adword account? If yes then you are at right place.

Hi,  i am working as freelancer PPC Expert. I would like to call myself as best PPC Freelancer as i ensure you best return on Investment. I have More than 5 Years of Experience in the field of PPC Consultancy. During that time, i have contributed in the growth of many businesses. 

Right traffic is the concern of each and every business. It is the major responsibility of PPC Expert to drive targeted traffic that can result in qualified leads. Only qualified lead can help in business growth. That can be done by putting the PPC budget into right place. For this, you should hire an expert freelance ppc consultant to  spend your budget in right place. 

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What We Offer You

       success Hire Best PPC Consultant PPC Account Building from Scratch 

      success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantProviding All Kind of Technical Support for PPC Account

     success 1 Hire Best PPC Consultant Keyword Research for Your Business

     success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantAdgroup Creation as per your Business Objectives

    success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantRegular Monitoring in terms of keyword, landing pages, Ad Performance, Keyword Bidding

    success 1 Hire Best PPC Consultant Regular Analysis of Search Terms

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantA/B testing for Maximum Conversion

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantSuggestions for Landing Pages

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantConversion Tracking

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantEnsuring Best Return on Investment

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantControl Your Cost

   success 1 Hire Best PPC ConsultantCreate Search, Display, Re-marketing, social media ads as per your business objectives.


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Why Should  You Hire Me?

Most Profitable Keyword for Your Business

Your PPC campaign can drive results only when you are putting the right keywords.  It can be done with the            help of a good freelance PPC Expert. An expert PPC consultant filters most  profitable  keyword for your business that ensures qualified leads. Many businesses receives huge number of inquiries but the percentage of qualified leads is very low. It happens because of not putting right keywords in right place. As an expert PPC freelancer, i ensure profitable keyword for your business that can drive good results. 

A perfect and eye catching ad copy

A good ad copy ensures high CTR. There are many factors that are required to prepare a perfect ad copy such as sitelink extensions, call extension , Call to Action etc. While working as freelancer PPC expert, i ensure a perfect ad copy that will surely drive results. 

Negative keywords removal

Regular Negative Keyword Monitoring is very important to avoid wastage of adword budget. Negative keyword may ruin your adword budget.

Improving the quality of landing page

It is very important to have high quality landing page that can ensure maximum conversion. Good landing page also required to improve quality score and ensure conversion.

Advanced Bidding Strategy

We use advance bidding strategy to improve performance.

Regular Monitoring 

It is major task of freelance PPC expert is to do the regular account monitoring. So i will monitor various factors of your adword account on regular basis such as search terms , landing page performance, ad impression, CTR, CPA etc.

Account Structuring 

A proper adword account structuring is important for successful PPC campaign. I will revise your old account and structure it in proper way. I can also prepare new account in proper structure.

Free Initial  Consultation

I provide free Initial consultation to all the clients who comes to me whether you gonna take my services or not. I am always ready to show you right direction. Whether you are looking for PPC Consultant from Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon or any other Indian city, i am ready to serve from everywhere.