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Looking for the best PPC Expert in Delhi ? If yes then you are at right place. Because you get the First consultation free from the best PPC Consultant in Delhi. So call us right away as we are always ready to serve you.

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 My Services Includes

  • Adwords Account Building from Scratch

  • 24X7 Technical Support

  • Most profitable keyword research for your business

  • Adgroup Creation as per your Business Objectives

  • Regular Monitoring in terms of keyword, landing pages, ad performance, bidding

  • Regular Analysis of Search Terms

  • A/B testing for Maximum Conversion

  • Suggestions for Landing Pages

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Ensuring Best Return on Investment

  • Control Your Cost

  • Create Search, Display, Re-marketing, social media ads as per your business objectives.

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Why Should Hire Me?

Hi, i am offering best Adwords consulting services and one of the best PPC expert in Delhi. I ensure you best results.

Maximum ROI

It is concern of every business to get maximum ROI on your advertising expenditure. Then only, you can get the return of investment. There are many factors that impact the ROI such as Landing Page, Keyword Monitoring and good ad copy and many more things. We take care of each and every aspect of your PPC Campaign so that can deliver the best results.

Ensure High Quality Leads

While working as PPC specialist in Delhi, i ensure high quality leads. Fake leads are the major concern for every business owner. High quality leads can be attained by selecting profitable keywords for your business and keep check on negative keywords. I ensure right traffic on your website.

Regular Account Monitoring

An expert Adword consultant always do the regular account monitoring to check everything is going well. It is very important to control negative search terms and landing page performance. Your adword account will not deliver good results in absence of regular account monitoring.

Landing Page Suggestions etc

I will also co-ordinate with your designing team and help them in improving landing pages design. It will give all the suggestions based on the landing page performance.

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How to Hire Freelancer PPC Consultant in Delhi?

Do you want to hire freelancer PPC expert in Delhi? If yes, then you should get ready to also do some research work otherwise, you entire budget may go waste. So here are some tips for you-

  • Ask for the Keyword Skills

  • Bidding Strategy

  • Ad Copy Skills

  • Technical Expertise

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Google Analytics

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