digital marketing strategy for product launch

Digital Marketing Strategy for Product Launch

Looking for digital marketing strategy for product launch? If yes then you are at right place. We bring for you test product launch marketing plan. To create new product launch marketing plan can be daunting process.But, a time tested plan can skyrocket the sale of new product. Here is perfect digital marketing marketing plan for new product-

Identify the Target Audience

Every product has a target audience whether it is new or existing. A perfect plan can only be made after identifying the target audience. New product is developed with purpose of satisfying a particular needs and wants to specific segment. For example – A toy company has made a innovative learning toy for 3 year old kid. As 3 year old kid can’t access to any digital marketing channel.So the target audience would be parents of 3 year old kids or preschools. .

Website Optimization

Now decide that you have to add the product in already existing category or it is required to create new category. So you have to optimize the website accordingly.

Product Description

Your marketing campaign would fail in absence of product description. You should write a descriptive note about product with images and videos. As the product is new in market, so the customer wants to know each and everything. It is important to put extra effort in writing description for new product. So that customer can make the right judgement.

Influencer Marketing

You can connect with right set of people working in your niche through influencer marketing. The approach has gained widespread popularity due to its effectiveness in connecting with the targeting audience and pursuing them to buy products. There are many platforms where you can connect with the influencers of your niche.

PPC Advertising

Connect with right set of audience through PPC Advertising. It helps in delivering instant results by allocating a particular budget. Follow these PPC rules while preparing digital marketing strategy for product launch.
Filter out the needs that your product is fulfilling
Do the keyword research accordingly. For Example- If company has launched a new toy for 3 year old kid. So your keyword should be related to this product. Use generic keyword instead of branded keywords.

 Affiliate Marketing

It is crucial stage of  digital marketing strategy for product launch. It can be done with the help of affiliate marketing plan. It works on commission basis.There are many affiliate marketing websites that connect advertiser with publisher. Every advertiser works on particular niche. Affiliate marketing panels helps to connect publisher working on specific niche. Learn how to implement affiliate marketing program for new product launch-
Join Affiliate Marketing Website
Create a Lucurate Offer – As your product is new so publishers might be hesitated to join it. So, create more profitable offer comparison to competitors to motivate publishers to join it.
Press Releases 
Press Releases play very crucial role in building trust for your services. Connect with the online Press Release distribution website. You can opt for their paid plans through which you can distribute it across journalists and bloggers. The exercise build the trust among prospective customers by floating information about new product all around the web.
Social Media Campaigns
 A social media campaign with product description and usage can bring the large amount of inquires from prospective customers. These days, marketers are heavily investing on videos rather than images. You can also run contest about guess work related to your product. It will also work in generating curiosity among the target audience. It is integrated part of new product launch marketing plan. Here is some examples-
Case – A Toy Brand is Going to Launch New Learning Toy for 3 year old kid
Social Media Marketing Plan
Product must create a video on – how it can help 3 year old to learn new things.
Run quizz campaign among parents of 3 year old related to that product.
You can hire reputed digital marketing service provider to get customized product launch marketing plan.