Questions to Ask from PPC Firm or Consultant

Looking for the questions to ask from PPC Firm or consultant. Outsourcing adword can be a right decision for the business.
Case Studies. It is important to look for the case studies. Get the view about the previous experience of the company. Find out the case studies related to client growth.

Previous Result
The PPC company must be handling other clients. They must have some historical data about the client. It is important to find out the previous result of the company.

Charges may differ from company to company. Although, don’t keep entire focus on charges before hiring ppc agency or consultant. However ppc packages matters a lot. The pricing depends on the quality they are offering. Check for their previous result. An experienced PPC professional can give good result in same budget. While a newbie will squeeze the budget with no inputs. It is important question to ask before hiring ppc company. But the decision should be based on it. Previous experience and expertise matters a lot.

Cost Per Lead
Must ask this question whether you are going to hire ppc consultant or firm. Give them some time for the keyword research. They can use the competitor analysis to complete their

How to generate Leads for Consultancy services providing company?

Leads Generation for Consultancy providing Company

Lead generation for consulting company can be daunting task for any consulting business. Any consulting business can prosper only through having the number of good clients. Online methods have open the various avenues to promote your consulting business and find clients for consulting business. Gone are the days when consultant work through referrals. And anyone, not having any referral can’t start the business. Anyone can grow consulting business by putting all the resources into one place. But still, you can’t ignore the importance of offline methods especially events where startups get the opportunity to directly connect with the client.

Website Promotion

Website promotion is one of the best method to find clients for consulting business. A mobile and user friendly website is the face of any organization. Therefore,  first step is to create an attractive website and then promoting it through various channels like social media, SEO, google ads, email as well as affiliate marketing.

A good website should have following features to get leads for consulting business-

  • Lead generation landing page
  • Reviews
  • Showcase of previous projects
  • Lead Magnet
  • User Friendly Content

Geographical Targeting

Geographical targeting is very important for any service provider. As clients prefer to hire consultants from their geographical local only. So promote your consulting business in city only in starting phase. Later on, you can expand it by covering more area. Now online advertising gives various options to advertiser to find clients from their area only through local listing, google adwords  services and social media. All these channels helps in tapping the clients from nearby area.


It is one of the best method for management consulting lead generation. It would help you to communicate with the target audience and convert them into lead. it is involves the process of lead nurturing who have shown some interest in your services. There are many ways to promote webinar such as social media, google ad-word and blogging.

Blogging Through Case Studies

Do the blogging with some case studies. It would build your reputation in the market as more and more people will recognizing you as a thought leader. Tell prospective customers that how you helped other companies in achieving their business goals. These case studies can be send on email database as well as promoted through social media and google ads.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Both of them are cost effective channels to get leads for consulting business. Optimize profile on LinkedIn and be thought leader there. It would works as a lead magnet. Target customer would start connecting with you once your profile start showing into LinkedIn search results.

There is huge mine of leads on Facebook that most of business owners are not aware of . Facebook ads gives various options to connect with corporate professionals. Moreover,  it’s easy and advanced targeting options helps you to reach the target audience.

Google Ads and SEO

It is very essential to discuss the importance of google ads and SEO to find the clients for consulting business.

Send Direct Mail to the customers

Create the list of prospective clients who might be interested in your services. Now filter out what special offering you have in comparison to the competitors. Its time to connect directly with your prospective clients.

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How to grow interior designing business?

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How To Generate Leads for Interior Designer Segment

How To Generate Leads for Architect/Interior Designers Segment

Want to generate leads for interior designer business? If yes, then here is a plan that will definitely help to get clients for your interior designer business. First we would like to talk about the importance of online presence of business. In today’s time, every business is present online. Hence, it is essential for every company to create online presence. There are many online methods to get clients for interior design business in India. You can start from low budget. Methods to find clients looking for interior designers are as follows-

FD Mobile Subscription

First, you need to find out who will hire interior designers. A higher level professionals who always keep looking for the ways to decorate their home. You can connect them directly through their email id or contact numbers. Although, Fundoodata is providing various subscription based plans. But first, you can start from FD Mobile Subscription.

Website Promotion

An interior designer needs to build a strong portfolio showcasing his prestigious projects to prospect customers. The ease of generating business depends upon the interior designer’s credibility & goodwill. Therefore website plays a vital role in building trust for your target segment. Moreover, prospects not only  easily connect to your business but also get their queries resolved spontaneously which helps in quick decision making.

Social Media

Social media tools are quiet useful in generating leads & creating brand awareness when it comes to Architect/Interior Designer’s business. Facebook and Instagram ensures high engagement on visual content. You can showcase interior design related work. Facebook has various hyper targeting options to show ads to the most relevant groups like contractors in your local areas. Moreover, Facebook offers an effective targeting option through creating custom audiences or look alike audiences. Above all, Facebook & Instagram offers integrated functionality.

Email Marketing

The effectiveness of E-mail marketing have grown drastically in generating leads for interior designing services. The process involves creating a database through google ads & Facebook paid campaigns & then re-marketing with lucrative offers. E-mail marketing not only reminds your prospects about your services but also, builds a long lasting connection with them.

SEO Services

Any business that is not showing in organic search results, is certainly loosing a big chunk of business to its competitors. Hence Search Engine Optimization can not be overlooked as it ranks your website on most relevant keywords ahead of your rivals. Sharing content of what is trending in interior designing segment, updating your prospects with new themes, designs can generate overwhelming results. Local listing is a boon to any business offering services in a defined geography as you appear upfront as some one searches for your product or services.

Google Ads

Google ads campaigns are considered to be the most effective tools in generating quality leads for an y service provider business model. Running google ads campaign is one of the way to market interior design business. Majority of the searches are made on google & through google ads campaign you appear at the top. Hence, we can say PPC campaign is one of the best method to generate leads for any business. You can hire an PPC expert and buy interior design leads.

How To generate Leads for Software Development Company

How to generate leads for Software Development Company

Want to generate leads for a software development company? Gone are the days, when lead generation was done only through references. Today every business have lots of opportunities for generating quality leads through digital marketing techniques. Moreover, several companies are using digital marketing as a tool to differentiate themselves from the clutter & build a brand image.

Company Information Database- Anyone can buy the data of companies of generate software leads.

Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy:

Create an effective content marketing strategy to generate leads for software development projects. Position yourself as thought leader in this competitive environment and also try to curve the niche in your domain. Create an content marketing plan that should be implemented on social media, website, email, blog etc.

Social Media Channels:

You can take the advantage of social media channels for lead generation in IT industry. Social media channels can be used to get more business from existing customers as well as generate new leads. Facebook, Twitter and specially LinkedIn is helping companies in generating software development leads. LinkedIn can be used through paid promotion as well as free of cost through connecting and optimizing profile. LinkedIn is huge network of professionals where you can connect with the business owners and companies who might be interested in your product and services.

Facebook is highly effective tool in running re-marketing ads. It is helping business to complete the sales funnel. Facebook re-marketing is very effective tool of lead generation for app development company. Re-marketing is a method to show ads to those people who have previously shown interest in your product. So there are more chances to convert.

Google Search Ads:

Use google search ad campaign to start getting the leads for IT company. Run ad on IT company related keyword like software development services, app development companies, software companies in India etc. Besides google search ad, you can also run re-marketing, display, video ads. All these types of ads gives various options to reach at audience who might be interested in IT, Software service.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is also highly effective in generating qualified lead for software companies. You can buy software leads generate through affiliate marketing as well as run own affiliate campaign.

Email Marketing:

Create the database of subscriber through blog platform. Keep writing about IT and software industry trends. Re-marketing to subscriber would help in lead generation for IT companies.