Benefits of Mobile Apps for a Business

Benefits of Mobile Apps for businesses

The business environment is evolving with the time at great pace. In order to adapt to these changes a business needs to review it’s strategies at regular intervals. Gone are the days when having a website was enough to mark your visibility. Today 2.6 billion user have access to smartphones in their hand all the time. Hence mobile apps provide you competitive edge over your competitors.

We bring about the benefits of mobile apps:

Increase customer Engagement:

Many businesses don’t sell, rather they engage their prospects. They convert those prospects into customers through engagement. Mobile apps are very useful in enhancing customer engagement as most of the customers prefer interaction through phones or texts.

Offer User friendly experience:

Mobile apps provide all features integrated within one platform, like general info, user accounts, promotional offers, booking form, prices, search feature, etc. Hence they provide effective user friendly experience for their customers. Apps are very crucial for businesses that stimulate customers for repurchase.

 Brand Building & Customer Loyalty:

Mobile apps enhance brand awareness through their features. Customers recognise you brand , as they frequently browse through your app. A marketer can add whole lot of features so as to get differentiated from the clutter. In todays scenario customers come across promotion from numerous competitors with all the noise i.e. websites, paper advertisements, social media promotions, sign boards, banners, emails, etc, because of which you loose hold over them. Mobile app is a great opportunity to remind your customer about your offering by making a genuine and true association.

Encouragement for Repeat Purchase:

In order to improve customer’s interaction many businesses offer value to their users. If a customer sees value in your brand, he will never think of going elsewhere. Showing some value & enthusing customer to make a purchase is a successful strategy. This can be effectively done through an app.

Stand-out from your competition:

Every customer uses an app, but many businesses don’t offer their apps. In spite of so much awareness, the development of app is quiet rare. This fact helps you in creating your monopoly in your business segment.




Steps to Launch Affiliate marketing business

Steps To Launch Affiliate Marketing Business

The growth in digital marketing have introduced several new concepts of making money online. Affiliate marketing is one such concept through which we one can generate income easily and instantly. An affiliate marketer can earn online without a website, blog or any product of his own. The formula of affiliate marketing is always constant irrespective of the market or niche you choose. The emphasis is mainly on traffic generation (i.e driving traffic to the merchant’s website through your affiliate link). You can experiment with various marketing mixes so as to maximize traffic, for example going for free ways to generate traffic & then gradually switching to paid advertising approach.

The good part in affiliate marketing is that you get support in terms of advertising sales copy. Many vendors provide you with the copy of banner ads, blog posts, web post & social media post that boost up your efforts. Here we present five crucial steps in launching your affiliate marketing business.

Choose the Right Affiliate Network:

The foremost step is to decide upon the suitable affiliate network. Many big and small e commerce businesses offer affiliate program. Amazon, flipkart offer wide range of products to choose, while there are individual entrepreneurs with niche product category. Hence in-depth research needs to be done as many such companies/ entrepreneurs offer affiliate programs for their product & services.

Select the Right Affiliate Product:

After network selection, next comes the sound product strategy for affiliate. Going ahead with the niche product strategy will be a good option. There will be huge number of vendors for you to start your affiliate program. If you are new to affiliate marketing, limit yourself to 3-4 products at a time, becoming an expert within that niche. Gradually as you move ahead you can add up more product & categories.

Buying product helps in Effective Promotion

It’s well said that things actually owned & used by you can be promoted more effectively by establishing trust. You get in-depth knowledge about the product & services you bought, helping you  understanding your prospect’s buying behavior. Therefore, sharing you experience with a product through product reviews is an excellent way to gain prospects confidence & trust.

Adopt Social Media marketing services to drive traffic:

Social media have brought a revolution in digital promotion of products & services around the globe. Hence Facebook, twitter, you tube have been very effective in driving traffic to you own website or affiliate’s website. It offers both organic & paid tool for promotion. Paid version involves targeting right audience with the right product at the right time.

Always Use Redirect/pretty Links:

This strategy works well for affiliate marketer. Long , ugly links give an impression that you are trying to sell them your product or services. Pretty Links Word press plugin is widely used to make the links small & attractive. It’s very useful in case customer not able to click the link & wishes to type it his browser.

SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

SEO Strategy For Small Businesses

Small businesses do not have huge resources to generate quality leads, hence they need to adopt SEO strategy in oder to generate revenue organically. A business can only growth if it’s able to attract its target audience through visibility & presence. Therefore, SEO technique is considered to be the most useful as it not only improves google ranking but also generates qualified leads that convert over a period of time.
SEO services offered by us to our valuable clients are as follows-

SEO Website Designing :

Initially we start with the most affordable website designing services. Website that we design are quiet user friendly and attractive with minimal maintenance charges.
Keyword Research – It is one of the most important step for the success of every SEO effort. There can be various keywords for your business. Our task to select the most profitable which can generate qualified leads and sales.
On Page SEO  Our next step would be to optimize website to rank faster in google search results.
Off Page SEO It is necessary to do directory and article submission for SEO rank.

Content Writing:

We have team of content writers to develop quality content for the clients. Our content writers are specialized in writing content from small businesses.
Customized Seo Strategy for small business –  Our affordable seo services for small business also includes strategy creation. We believe that every business has some unique selling proposition. So, first we study your business and then built a cohesive strategy as per your goals and target audience.
It is necessary to do the competitive analysis of your niche. Then only, a cohesive strategy can be developed. There must be a market leader in your niche. We have advanced tools that gives the idea about the competitor analysis.

Importance of SEO services for small business

Why small business should hire SEO professionals? It is big question among the budding entrepreneurs. There are many who are still not aware with the importance of SEO.
Small business are having very low budget to spend on marketing. Here SEO play great role in generating leads within limited budget. That is why, we are providing affordable SEO services for small business. We care about the limitation of budget. So we will take care of it and rank your website only on profitable keywords.
Why Should Hire Us
We have proven track record of dealing with small business. Digitally Advance is full service digital marketing agency. We are also dealing with PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, Email, Affiliate and Influencer Marketing. We are a team of passionate & enthusiast professionals having vast experience in the field of digital marketing.
Budget constraint is major problem among small business owner. Don’t worry, we care about it. So we create affordable and customized SEO services package for small business that would fit into your budget.
How We Work for Small Business?
First, we ask companies to define their marketing and sales goals. Then we start creating strategy that would complete them. Now its time to discuss the channels. Some companies only do the seo while for the instant results, we recommend for PPC. As seo is a long term process.
Social media is also doing very well

Best E-Commerce SEO strategies for Brand Building

E-Commerce SEO Strategies

The growth of E commerce industry has been phenomenal in the present decade. The ease of searching online, price comparisons, making payments have revolutionized E commerce industry around the globe.

The revolution have added to the opportunities & the competition within the clutter. Amazon rules in most of the product segment. According to a study Amazon will account for more than 50% of the growing E commerce sales by 2021. It reflects that a small piece of share will remain for the rest of us. Hence if, you want to compete with giants like Amazon, flip kart & others, winning SEO tactics is the only way.

It’s the best SEO practices through which you can not only assist customers in buying decisions, but also stimulate word of mouth publicity for your brand.

Here we present some of the best E-Commerce SEO Strategies

Optimize you Website Speed for Faster loading time

Site speed plays a vital role in enhancing your google ranking. Slower sites loose their prospect customers as they abandon your sites before seeing your offerings. Google stated that page loading speed will be a consideration for ranking  for mobile searches.

Online Presence at the right place at the right time

Online search is based on the customer lifecycle, starting from product discovery, to price comparison, to making a purchase, to engagement & retention.

Keyword Selection is the key

It’s not only about ranking on the first page of google, but ranking for the right keyword that matters most. Long tail keyword strategy will go good for the pages that are not ranking well as it takes Lot of effort and time to rank on broad match keywords. According to research, 70% of search traffic comes from long tail keywords.

Connect your audience with rich content

Content marketing is the growth hacker when it comes to E commerce SEO. Content not only engages your audience, but also make them feel close association with the brand. Best of the E commerce stores connect with their audience through blogs and addressing buyers queries online. Conversion rate of websites with blogs is five times higher than others.

Organised  Website Structure

Content structure is the game changer for perfect E commerce SEO strategy. Search engines give preference to well structured E commerce stores. The strategy includes putting most relevant content on top & rest all should flow from that level structure. Internal linking is also most crucial part of SEO as it helps your customers ease of find their products & services.