Magic Submitter Review- Is it Good Seo Tool?

There is a great role of quality backlink for any website. It is the difficult task to submit link on different websites. It can be done by specific backlink submitter tool. So here is very important backlink tool that you can use- it is a magic submitter. It is very easy to download magic submitter and start with submitting backlink.But before giving magic submitter review,  i would give few insights about the correlation between seo and backlink.

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magic submitter Review

Relation between Backlink & Seo

Before reading magic submitter review, you must be aware of the correlation between SEO and backlink.

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There was a time when the website only ranks because of backlinks. But since last 1 or 2 years, google had changed its algorithm and majorly focusing on quality content. But it doesn’t mean that there is no role of backlink in today’s time. Still, backlinks matter a lot for a new website. It helps a new website to stand above the crowd. But now the quality of backlinks win over the quantity.

Magic Submitter Review –  Does Magic Submitter Still Work?

I would say yes, magic submitter still works? Now must find my above statement contradictory. But i would like to emphasize one thing that backlinks still work but only quality backlinks. So you should keep on making backlinks but only on high PR website. Then only, you would be able to achieve desired results.

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Why Should Download Magic Submitter?

If you want to rank your new website fast or increase traffic in old website, must download magic submitter.

Pros of Magic Submitter

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Submit links on website which you prefer
  • Listed high PR website
  • Automatic Backlink Pinging
  • Automatic Social Account Creation


Although magic submitter provides links only on high PR website. But still check the PR of the website then only submit the link. Otherwise, it will cause the negative impact on SEO of your website.

Easy To Use Interface

There are many SEO software that failed because of the complicated interface. It became very difficult to use them if you are not technically expert. But you don’t need to care about this thing with the magic submitter. As this SEO tool offers an easy interface that you can understand within few minutes. For using magic submitter, you also don’t need to be expert SEO professional.

Submit Links only on Your Preferred Website 

The main drawback of using backlink tool is that you have to submit backlinks on all websites at once. You don’t need to get the opportunity to submit links only on high PR website. But, you can submit links on your chosen high PR website. Magic Submitter submits links on your preferred websites which you select within few simple clicks. The reason why there is no magic submitter alternative.

Submit Links on High PR Website

Now you don’t need to search the list of high PR website. Because magic submitter provides the list of high PR backlink sites.  It provides the updated list of high PR website. The list is prepared by the expert. When you will open the interface, you can see the list of high PR websites from different categories including

  • Article Directories
  • Video Sites
  • Forum Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • PDF Sites
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Blog Sites
  • Social Sites
  • Micro Blogs
  • Nice Sites etc

Automatic Backlink Pinging

First, I would like to tell about the automatic backlink pinging. Give the intimation to google whenever you create any backlink. You have to submit backlink on a particular website for automatic backlink pinging.

It doubles workload after creating the backlink. The task can be performed within few clicks by using magic submitter. It does automatic backlink pinging within few seconds.

Automatic Social Creation

Now feel free from the task of social account creation. As it can be done by magic submitter within few clicks. Just need to enter your email-id. Magic Submitter will automatically verify it and then create the accounts on all social sharing websites within few seconds.

Click Here to create account on all social sites by using magic submitter

More in Magic Submitter Review

There are many more points that you need to know while reading magic submitter review-

Free Customer Support

You get the free customer support from downloading magic submitter till properly using it.

Free Software Update

The software updates every month to meet the changing needs of customers. Now no need to worry about updating changing features, update, and services.

Free Live Coaching

You should be aware of the latest trend in online marketing. Magic Submitter extended its customer support by providing online marketing coaching. Although, all topics majorly focuses on backlink strategy.

Why You Need Magic Submitter?

Backlinks are very critical to improve seo ranking. Sometimes i takes very long time to build back links. In that case, you require a tool that can create high quality back links within few minutes. You can also hire someone who can make back-links all the time. But it requires investment and some cost.

To solve all these problems, here is a tool that is magic submitter that can solve all the problems related to back link creation. This affordable tool only creates high quality link that can improve the website popularity within few days.

Importance of Backlinks 

There are many things that i have mentioned in magic submitter review. I already told you that it is one of the best tool for backlink. But still there is a question in many of seo professionals mind that backlinks still work or not.

Yes backlink still work but only from high PR website. Low PR rank websites are considered bad for backlinks. They even destroy the rank of your website.

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