Seo Audit Tools- Must have website review tools


seo audit tools

Looking for the SEO audit tools? In this article, I am going to tell about best seo audit tools.

But first, I want to summarize about the importance of SEO audit. It is done with the purpose of identifying any SEO error. Seo audit let you know the SEO friendliness of your website. Seo audit checklist is as follows-

  • Backlink Checker
  • Meta Description, Keyword and Title Audit
  • Keyword Stuffing Audit
  • Internal Linking
  • Check Website Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Website Errors

Seo Audit Tool to Check Backlinks

Looking for the SEO audit tools for check backlinks? Recently Google had changed its algorithm. That is why not giving much importance to backlinks. But still, quality backlinks are considered as the rank factor.

There are many free SEO audit tools are available online that gives an idea about the backlinks for your website. These tools are as follows-

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Small SEO tools
  • Backlink Watch
  • Alexa

All these tools can give insight into the backlink strategy of the competitor as well your website. They are the best website review tool. It helps in exploring new link opportunities and also give information about the bad links that need to be removed.

You can use the free version of these SEO site audit tool. But if you want to do in-depth website review, then go for the premium version.

Seo Site Audit Tool for Meta Check 

It is necessary to add the meta description, title and keyword to optimize your website.There are some rules need to be followed while writing meta description of the website such length, usage of keywords in content and description both, grammatically correct and many more parameters.

For this, you should SEO plugin, called Yoast SEO with your WordPress website. The plugin will do the website review in terms of meta description, keyword and other SEO factors.

Importance of Yoast Seo Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the top SEO audit tools. It performs the SEO audit for each page of your website. It suggests an improvement to write meta description and title. The WordPress plugin had many more features that are important for website optimization-

  • Creates XML Sitemap
  •  The Yoast plugin will rank your SEO value page by page from Bad, Poor, Ok, and Good.
  • It has the ability to get you verified Google Authorship for your website.
  • When writing meta information, the Yoast plugin will show you a Google search result snippet preview.

Website Audit Tool to Check Keyword Insertion

There is a website audit tool that checks keyword insertion. It is Yoast SEO plugin. It checks keyword density. It informs about the right use of keywords in title, description, and article.

Check Website Speed

Good website speed is important for SEO. Your website may experience high bounce rate if website speed is low. The site will lose its reputation in the eyes of search engines. It will automatically decrease the traffic volume and page views. It is very important to keep the check on website speed to track website performance.

Website speed checker tools are as follows-

  • Pagespeed Insights
  • gtmetrix
  • Uptrends

There are many such free SEO audit tools are available that keeps check on website speed. In the case of experiencing low website speed, consult with developer or hosting provider. There are many reasons for slow website speed such as bug, server etc.


Best Free Seo Tools for Bloggers


SEO tools for bloggers

List of must have free seo tools for bloggers are as follows-

Google PageSpeed Insights
It is very important to check the page speed. It helps in identifying the loading time and performance for mobile and desktop. It helps in identifying the opportunities to improve the website performance.
Keyword Tool io
I always recommend keyword tool IO for all SEO purpose. It is one of the best keyword tools. It gives an idea about every niche topic.It helps in doing long tail keyword research. It is must have free SEO tools for bloggers. Long tail keyword plays the great role in the success of any blog. It gives an idea about the low competition keywords. So that you can gain good traffic in less time.
Google Analytics 
It is one of the best free SEO tools for bloggers. It gives every single insight about the activity on your website. That helps you to take important decisions. The main features of Google analytics are as follows-
Find out the Total Traffic
Traffic Sources
Real Time Data
Audience segments on the basis of demographic, interest, Geo, behavior,
Even tracking
Website Navigation etc
Google Webmaster Tool
The SEO tool for blogger takes care of technical part of your website. It submits the sitemap and gives intimation to search engines for crawling your website. It gives alert about bugs or error in your website.
Google webmaster gives insight about clicks, impression and keyword position. By using this data, you can make major changes in your website.
How to Install – It is very easy to install. You just need to put installation code in WordPress plugin Jetpack of Yoast.
Open Site Explorer
 It is free SEO tool for bloggers by Moz. It analysis your backlink strategy. You also come to know about major SEO factors including
Domain Authority
Page Authority
High-Quality Links
Since last few years, content has become a major SEO ranking factor. But still, quality backlinks are considered as the main ranking factor.
There are many backlinks tools available in the market. But I suggest for bloggers to buy the premium version of open site explorer from Moz. Its paid version features help you build link building opportunities.
Google Keyword Planner Tool
Going to make keyword strategy? Then must take the help of google planner tool. It gives the basic idea about the keywords and group of keywords. Google keyword planner is best keyword research tool for organic and paid keyword research.
Google Trends
Looking for the trendy content? That is always in demand. Must try google trends. It gives the idea about hot topics in the market from all categories. Don’t need to be only from Bollywood or sports, all categories are covered into google trends. So select your categories and start writing the innovative content for that category.
Similar Web
It is the major concern for any website owner to analyze the competitor data. Many SEO tools are available online. But very few of them gives major insights about the competitor traffic. Similar Web is of the major SEO tools for WordPress blogger as it gives basic about the total traffic of competitor website. It gives an idea about the traffic sources and keywords.
Ahrefs Site Explorer
It is competitive research tools gives an idea about following things
Organic Traffic Search
With Ahrefs site explorer, you can see competitor keywords and pages with high traffic volume.
Check Backlinks
It helps in exploring the backlink opportunities by giving an idea about competitors backlinks.
Paid Traffic
Gives an idea about competitors paid traffic

Best SEO reporting tools for agencies


seo tools for wordpress site


seo tools for agencies

Looking for the SEO reporting tools for agencies? Working as SEO professional for the agency is not an easy job. You may have to give lots of explanations to your clients about the results. For this, you have to prepare a detailed report. You have to take the assistance of various SEO tools for reporting to clients.

Clients always ask for the detailed results of the efforts done by the agency. There are many SEO tools for agencies that can help you to achieve desired google rank as well as help in preparing a detailed report. These tools help in preparing the detailed report. Such tools also provides  data that can help in increasing google rank of your website.

Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is one of the very effective SEO tools for digital marketing agency. It helps in improving the search results as well as preparing reports. It gives insights about different aspects of search results of client website including clicks, impressions, CTR, Position.
Google Analytics 
It is an effective SEO reporting tool for agencies. It gives in-depth analysis of the traffic and other related trends. Basically, it gives an idea about the following things-
Traffic Sources
It gives an idea about the traffic sources such as organic, referral, social direct, ads. It is very important to aware about the traffic source of your client website. Then only, can put the efforts in right direction. It lets you identify that your efforts are bringing the expected results.
Bounce Rate
It is very important to identify the bounce rate of the client website. Also, find out the bounce rate from particular pages. Accordingly, digital marketing agency can put the effort in right direction. It works by changing the design of landing design.
It is the main feature of google analytics. It provides the navigation report.
Conversation is the ultimate aim of the client. Google analytics helps in identifying the every trend related to conversion. It provides a report about conversion rate, conversion funnel and the total number of conversions. It can be done by goal tracking and event tracking. The feature makes google analytics as one of the best SEO tools for agencies.
Sales Funnel
It also helps in identifying the sales funnel for final sale.
Competitor Analysis Tools
The main requirement of the client is to analyze the competition. The client always asks for the competitor ranking, keywords, and overall traffic. There are many tools available in the market that helps in identifying the competitors latest trends-
Similar Web
It is one of the very effective tools to analyze the competitor trends. It is must have SEO tool for agencies. You can use its free version. Premium version gives in-depth analysis about the competition. This SEO reporting tool for agency provides the following information-
  • Gives insight about the total traffic of Competitor
    Let you know about the traffic sources of competitor
  • Competitor Keywords etc.
There are many more features that you can access in paid version. This is a necessary tool because client always asks for the competitor report. It can be prepared by using the similar web.
Alexa is one of the best competitor analysis tools. You can try its free version to know basic things about the competitor.
  • It gives insight about the main keywords of competitor website.
  • Percentage of traffic from main keywords
  • Similar Sites
  • Traffic Demography
Try its premium version to enjoy its advanced features. Its premium version includes following features
  • Discover Inbound Link Opportunities you are missing
  • Find and Fix technical SEO problems
  • Uncover your competitor keywords
 Semrush is preferred seo tool for digital marketing agency. It gives insight about the competitor. Semrush offers following benefits-
  • Gives insight about the competitor keyword
  • Traffic sources
  • Total traffic on particular keyword
  • Competitor position
and many more features that you enjoy in the premium version.

Best Seo Tools For WordPress Site or Blog


seo tools for wordpress site

Looking for the list of best SEO tools for WordPress site? I working on WordPress since last many years. During that time, I have experimented with many SEO tools for WordPress blog. Some failed while some shown very good results.

Like other websites, SEO is very important for WordPress blog. There are many free SEO tools for WordPress as well as premium ones. You can start first with free SEO tool then go for the premium version.

Seo refers to optimizing your website for Google ranking. You are required various tools to appear your website on the top of search results.

List of Best Seo Tools for WordPress Site

I am going to give the list of SEO tools on WordPress that are used by all successful bloggers.

Yoast Seo Plugin 

Updating your WordPress blog regularly? But still missing your favorite place in google search results. There are many things necessary to get the first page in search results. Such as quality content, keywords, link building, social sharing and SEO plugin.

There are many WordPress SEO plugins. But the most preferred WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast. It is free SEO tool for WordPress site. Although, you can buy premium version to access its advanced features. The main features of Yoast SEO plugin are as follows-

  • Write Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Meta Title
  • Get right suggestions for website optimization
  • Create Sitemap
  • Optimize images for search
  • Add meta descriptions in categories
  • Add custom RSS footer into WordPress website


As a blogger, you must be aware of the importance of SEO for your blog. SEMRUSH is the best tool for the SEO analysis of your website. It not only analyze your website but also gives in-depth insight about the competitor website. I will discuss in detail about the each feature of SEMRUSH that can help your website to rank better in search results. SEMRUSH features for a blogger are as follows-

  • Find and Fix Technical Issues
  • Competition Analysis
  • Build a Research & In-depth Keyword List
  • Helps in creating search results and reader-friendly content
  • Discover opportunities for more traffic
  • Gives you detailed report

It is free SEO tool for WordPress website or blog. Although I advise for buying its premium to access advanced features.

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Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is one of the top SEO tools for WordPress. It is perfect for Adword keyword research. It also gives an idea about broad keyword research. You can get in-depth information about search volume and CPC. This tool is best for WordPress beginners. Main features of google keyword planner tool are as follows-

  • Easy to Use tool
  • Helps in Identifying the competition
  • Suggest Bid
  • Let you know the monthly searches.

Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is one of the free WordPress SEO tools. It helps you to identify the position of your website on particular keywords. It gives the data about the impressions, clicks, and position of the particular keyword. You can do more in-depth research about the keyword ranking of your website.

Why google webmaster is best SEO tool for WordPress site?

  • Find out the number of impressions
  • Number of clicks on your website
  • Keywords of your website
  • Keyword position

Smart Seo Plugin

Smart SEO plugin is must have SEO tool for WordPress blog. You can add meta description, title, the keyword of your website.


Want to have niche website? If yes, then you must start using Keyword Tool io. It gives an idea about long tail keywords for your niche website. It also provides information about search volume, CPC and Adwords competition. The example of long tail keyword research by using Keyword is as follows-

  • Seo Tools for WordPress site
  • Best SEO tool for WordPress
  • Best free SEO tool for WordPress

Similar Web

Want to analyze the competitor traffic? If yes then must try the similar web. Here you can see the overall traffic on your competitor website. You can also view monthly average searches. The main features of similar web are as follows-

  • Provide the total monthly traffic
  • Provide traffic source
  • Percentage of traffic from particular source
  • List of main keywords from which website receiving traffic

Long Tail Pro

Going to make niche website? If yes then you must download long tail pro for next level keyword research.  Keyword research is a major concern while going to build a micro website. It is one of the keyword research and SEO tool for the niche website.

There are various keyword research tools in the market such as Semrush which is also very effective. Semrush is good for the both broader and niche keyword research. But the USP of long tail pro is niche website keyword research. It helps you to find out profitable niche keywords that can help you to rank in less time. As it gives the detailed analysis of competition.

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