Seo Audit Tools- Must have website review tools


seo audit tools

Looking for the SEO audit tools? In this article, I am going to tell about best seo audit tools.

But first, I want to summarize about the importance of SEO audit. It is done with the purpose of identifying any SEO error. Seo audit let you know the SEO friendliness of your website. Seo audit checklist is as follows-

  • Backlink Checker
  • Meta Description, Keyword and Title Audit
  • Keyword Stuffing Audit
  • Internal Linking
  • Check Website Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Website Errors

Seo Audit Tool to Check Backlinks

Looking for the SEO audit tools for check backlinks? Recently Google had changed its algorithm. That is why not giving much importance to backlinks. But still, quality backlinks are considered as the rank factor.

There are many free SEO audit tools are available online that gives an idea about the backlinks for your website. These tools are as follows-

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Small SEO tools
  • Backlink Watch
  • Alexa

All these tools can give insight into the backlink strategy of the competitor as well your website. They are the best website review tool. It helps in exploring new link opportunities and also give information about the bad links that need to be removed.

You can use the free version of these SEO site audit tool. But if you want to do in-depth website review, then go for the premium version.

Seo Site Audit Tool for Meta Check 

It is necessary to add the meta description, title and keyword to optimize your website.There are some rules need to be followed while writing meta description of the website such length, usage of keywords in content and description both, grammatically correct and many more parameters.

For this, you should SEO plugin, called Yoast SEO with your WordPress website. The plugin will do the website review in terms of meta description, keyword and other SEO factors.

Importance of Yoast Seo Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the top SEO audit tools. It performs the SEO audit for each page of your website. It suggests an improvement to write meta description and title. The WordPress plugin had many more features that are important for website optimization-

  • Creates XML Sitemap
  •  The Yoast plugin will rank your SEO value page by page from Bad, Poor, Ok, and Good.
  • It has the ability to get you verified Google Authorship for your website.
  • When writing meta information, the Yoast plugin will show you a Google search result snippet preview.

Website Audit Tool to Check Keyword Insertion

There is a website audit tool that checks keyword insertion. It is Yoast SEO plugin. It checks keyword density. It informs about the right use of keywords in title, description, and article.

Check Website Speed

Good website speed is important for SEO. Your website may experience high bounce rate if website speed is low. The site will lose its reputation in the eyes of search engines. It will automatically decrease the traffic volume and page views. It is very important to keep the check on website speed to track website performance.

Website speed checker tools are as follows-

  • Pagespeed Insights
  • gtmetrix
  • Uptrends

There are many such free SEO audit tools are available that keeps check on website speed. In the case of experiencing low website speed, consult with developer or hosting provider. There are many reasons for slow website speed such as bug, server etc.


Local Seo Tips and Techniques for Small Business that actually works


Best Local Seo Tips and Techniques

Like the national seo there are some local seo tips that actually works. We have already discussed about what is local seo and its importance in today’s scenario. Before learning local seo optimization techniques, i would recommend you to learn about seo tips.

There are some specific local seo tips for small business. As already discussed local seo can help in growing small business. But it should be done tactfully otherwise you not get the visibility as local seo work on certain things specially location. Local seo techniques and tips are mentioned below. In this, post i will cover local seo tips that are specific. I have also included those local techniques which are also applied in national seo. Because in local seo as well, you have to get the rank first of your business in local listing.

Mention Address

First and foremost thing in local seo is mentioning your address. Then only google recognizes business for appearing into the search result of particular location.

Listing on other Websites

Google search algorithm check for the references. So list business on other local listing websites as well such as yelp, yellowpages, Google Plus. These are some of the big names. You can search through many local sites where you list business. It will help in google recognizing the presence of business.


Google search algorithm emphasis on reviews while deciding the rank of particular local listing. If someone has given bad reviews then also answer it. It will help finding the reason of problem. You can invite customer to write reviews. If no one is writing review, run particular contest related to review writing. It assist in finding various positive reviews related to your business. But here is important to note that if you get so many reviews at once then then your listing come into spam.

Different Listing for Different Locations

Business like restaurants, shops may have presence in various locations. So put different listing for all the locations. It is one of the very local seo optimization tips. As local seo works on locations so it is essential to promote a location once. Putting multiple location may confuse listing.

Give Proper Information in Google My Business Profile 

The information provided in google my business profile impacts overall local listing. Give the all the information properly.

Google has increased the importance of GMB – which means that any business information you add to it reflects on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This is meant to make it easy for customers to find you irrespective of the device they are using.

When creating or further developing your GMB for local SEO, ensure that:

  1. Your GMB is filled in completely and accurately with relevant, and consistent information.

  2. The GMB location you’ve listed is owner-verified.

  3. The specific city and town that you are targeting is mentioned in the GMB landing page title.

  4. The GMB primary categories are consistent with your product and that they match a broader search category.


What is Local Seo? Benefits & Importance of Local Seo


What is local seo

Local Seo become very important for local business these days due to increasing usage of internet. Previously, local business depends on newspaper advertising, pamphlets, banner, hoardings. Now, the customer needs have changed. They look for local business on internet. It is one of the main benefits of Local Seo. There are many questions in your mind if you are going to do local seo first time. Your question may be as follows-

  • What is local seo

  • Importance of local seo

  • Benefits of local seo

  • How it is different from seo

All your questions will get answered here . First we will discuss what is local seo as your going to do it first time.

What is Local Seo?

Local seo is type of online marketing where your business appear into search result exactly when customers are searching from your nearby areas for your type of business. It is done through google  local listing. For this, you should have the local address of the company. You need to also put the local address in your company website so that google can recognize it for the local listing.

In the local seo, you have to put efforts like national seo such as links, indexing, social sharing, content etc. The thing which you do differently is do the google local listing. It helps your business differentiating on the basis of location.

In today online scenario, local seo became very important. But still many are not aware about the local seo. They stick on traditional advertising method. Although, traditional advertising methods also works. But importance of online world cannot be ignored. So it is essential to do the local seo of your website.

Importance of Local Seo

Google local seo is very helpful for the local business owners. There are many business owners such as dentist, doctors, repairing shop, general stores etc only do local seo to promote their business. Many have received very good results after taking local seo seriously. It helps you in receiving qualified leads. The use of leaflets, banners is became wastage with the increasing importance of local seo as people reach to your business exactly when they are searching for it.

Here is the benefits of local seo mentioned

Money Saving Marketing

You have to put lots of money on local promotion techniques such as radio ads, print ads, banners etc. Sometimes, it comes with no result even after putting lots of efforts and money. It is disappointing condition for any business. But you can get rid of such problems of local marketing by doing local seo for your business.

Show to Customers when they are looking for you

This one of the main benefits of local search. It means you business appear into search results when customers are exactly looking for you. If they find you around them, the leads get converted. Because the business appear, when customer has need for your services. It main advantage of local search engine optimization.

No Investment Required

Local seo requires no investment as you can list business without paying any cost. Besides google you also list your business on many other local business listing sites free of cost.

Most of People for Local Business Online

According to recent studies, more than 50% customers look for local business online. So if your business is not listed online then you would not be able to cover that segment of customers. It means you are not even standing into the competition. If your competitor is listed in google local listing then it may grow without doing any huge investment.

Still not very high competition

I have already mentioned that more than 50% searches for local business take place online. But still local business owners are not aware about the digital presence. That present the lots of opportunities for you. You may have the branches for your business. So do the local seo for all the branches for your business as per their location.

Customer Reviews

If your services is good then definetely everyone give the good reviews. When you do the local listing of your services, google also gives the option to write the customer reviews. Most of customers in today’s time, want to give online reviews. It is also main reason for the popular of local listing. As prospective customers would like to read the previous customer reviews.

Can List of Various Sites

Besides google local listing, there are many other sites for local sites such as Yelp, Superpages, Qype & Touch Local.

More About Local Seo

There are many things you need to learn about local seo as for national seo. It is mainly important for mobile devices as people mostly look for local business on mobile. Customer reviews are very helpful in increasing organic search results of local seo. Bad customer reviews can degrade the search ranking of your local listing. 

What is seo & Search Engine Optimization?


what is seo and search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is technique of optimizing website to rank high in google search results. There are various factors which decides how your website will rank into google search results. To add these factors into website called seo or search engine optimization. It is done by the seo professional.

In today’s time, the role of seo is increasing day by day as everyone has access of internet. In that scenrio the role of seo professional became very critical as he or she have to beat the high competition.

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What is Seo/ Search Engine Optimization?

As mentioned above, there are many factors which are added into seo or search engine optimization. These factors are discussed below.

There was a time when seo depends on black hat practices but now google only considers whitehat seo practices. White hat seo totally depends on best content marketing practices and user experience. Seo is done by doing the keyword research for your niche and added these keywords into website. Keyword insertion is done into website content, meta description and meta title to indicate google about the theme of your page, post or website. Accordingly google rank your website on the basis of chosen keyword and content quality. The user experience is one of the very important factor for seo. Social media is also considered by google to rank website on search result. Sites with higher number of sharing rank better in search result than the site with low number of sharing. Back-linking, internal linking, site navigation is also important factor related to seo or search engine optimization.

You also have to attach website with tools like google analytics and webmaster to monitor site performance in google search results. When you ask what is seo , the definition get different from previous years after pegiun updates of google. There was a time, when huge number of keyword stuffing and unnatural back-link was the vital part of seo. Now both the things are not into the criteria of google results. Google start penalizing such website. So here is important not only to understand seo but also use best seo practices that can rank your website above than others.

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